Democrat of the Month – June

Patrice Beard is Democrat that lives in The Plains in The Plains 2 precinct. She has been involved with the Democratic Party since 2000. It was in this year that she recalls her first election, Gore vs. Bush, when each candidate was at the center of legal action involving hanging chads in Florida. For Patrice, this was an experience that made her excited to get more involved.

Her involvement has carried through many elections over the years. She can be seen at almost every event the Party hosts, bringing her optimism and enthusiasm with her. Her absolute favorite memory was serving Sixth District delegate, alongside at-large delegate and then State Representative Debbie Phillips, at the 2012 Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, NC. The two were roommates and had a great experience renominating Obama for his second term and meeting other Democrats from all over the nation.

Patrice loves the involvement from local, state, national issues and politics available to her by being a member of the Democratic Party.  She said, “it’s just fun and you learn a lot of things that you never knew about. I love meeting a lot of enthusiastic and energized people who are involved anywhere as a Democrat.”

The economy & Health Care are some of the most important to Patrice. She finds it concerning to see lots of cuts in our county to both of these under the current administration in the White House.


Big thanks to Patrice for being so involved and always eager to get involved!